Utah CCW Classes, Utah Concealed Carry Class

Law room

We serve Pizza and refreshments ! book the entire slot for a private class

  • Small classrooms located in the lower level of my home, allow 2-4 applicants for a one on one experience. We will go over Utah law, gun safety and when to use deadly force. We will 
  • come back to this room after gun handling. and have a review 

  • Cost of Class $36.00
  • Back ground check and Utah $20
  • Background check FBI $12.00
  • Application Fee $25.00

$36.00 is Paid for the class beforehand

The State and federal Fees together of $57.00 are paid to BCI after you take the class

Practical application

Adjacent classroom, this is where you learn about different pistol actions, malfunctions, how to load and unload and how to properly handle firearms. pistol parts, shooting positions and different kinds of ammunition and more, safe storage, concealed techniques, target verses defensive accuracy. Safety is our number one concern safe operation, handling and home storage are stressed during the class, Our Motto if you learn anything you will leave here a safe and responsible gun handler. 


 Livefireone.com - Utah CCW Classes, Utah Concealed Carry Class 

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Finger prints and photos and done right here, all the paperwork is done here all that you need to bring is your drivers licence


Provisional Permits

An applicant for a Utah Provisional concealed firearm permit must be at least 18 years old and no older than 20 years old.

An applicant for a Utah Provisional concealed firearm permit must take the concealed firearm permit course from one of the BCI certified instructors.  

The same application will be used by applicants for the concealed firearm permit and provisional concealed firearm permit.


About us

Livefireone started in 2006  

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