Online certification $45 ** We do Finger prints and Passport photos $10

utah cpf class $39.95

Class Information


What is included

after taking your payment or paying on-line recommended and signing in we will take your passport photo and get your fingerprints. Bring your Utah driver's license or Utah ID card with you. If you have an out of state driver's license please call me first. We photo copy your license and complete all the application paper work while your here then certify with a Instructor stamp, then mail it in for you. This is a small focused class of four with hands on practical learning. 

We teach Utah law, when to use deadly force, and talk about different situations. also concealed techniques, different actions on handguns, both revolvers and semi automatics. Jams, misfires, ammunition and much more.  

You can bring your own firearm t become more familiar with it, do not bring ammunition. We have a restroom, refreshments and a comfortable atmosphere 

$39.95 is for the class only, another 53.25 for Utah residents or $63.25 for non-residents needs to be sent in with your application for state and federals fees.



Class Dates

No upcoming events.