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UTAH CFP Awards, Certification


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What is included

after taking your payment and signing in we will take your passport photo and get your fingerprints. Bring your Utah driver's license or Utah ID card with you. If you have an out of state driver's license please call me first. We photo copy your license and complete all the application paper work while your here then certify with a Instructor stamp, then mail it in for you.

About The Course

After fingerprints photos and processing 

Day one begins !  We begin with demonstrating concealed techniques and having you demonstrate loading and unloading and handing over a firearm to another person safely.  ( NO REAL AMMUNITION IS USED )  We discuss Utah law, lot's of safety and when to use deadly force. Questions answers and you get involved in scenarios that are played  out here. 

Be sure to get involved ! Remember the safest thing on a gun " IS YOU "

Day Two What here !

Day two is all about the practical use of firearms, we discuss the different actions of most firearms that you will encounter and what makes them of interest to you. Hands on knowledge on how they work. Then learn about ammunition, what types there are and what you should use.  Discussions include misfires, malfunctions, and shooting positions,


Apply what you have learned 

It's time to move to the simulator range and apply your knowledge and gain some useful skills. Keep in mind  ALL safety rules apply on the SIM range, just as if it were real. You will  practice target shooting and some defensive skills as well, You will even be asked to participate as a Range Safety Officer  while others are shooting. This is a great way  learn safety , Also we can see if there are some things you may need to work on as well. 

Finally We finish off back in the classroom 

We talk about safe gun storage, cleaning and maintenance and finish your paperwork

There is an additional Utah and FBI fee of $53.25 for Utah residents and $62 for non resident. IF NON-RESIDENT CALL FIRST 

Can you bring your own gun ? 

yes, if you would like to, but do not bring ammunition with you and you must declare it upon arrival so I may check it personally for safety and make sure it is not loaded.

My Classroom is also a store front. I am an authorized dealer for Armalaser and Palmetto state Armory. I sell firearms and tactical gear and perform background checks as well. All sales are before or after the class. you may check my schedule on-line for open store hours and drop by. everything can be tried and tested and fit before purchasing ( except live fire ) 


Refreshments are served 

During the class we provide light snacks and bottled water and some soda brands 

Become "ONE " with your Gun

 reserve your seat and pay on line 

Download the application Only use black ink

Download the instructions and application have it filled out before you come in to save time. if you have Adobe PDF fill it out and send it back and I can review it before you get here. or just scan it and and send it to 


The finger print information will be transferred to a card once I receive it, this is not your real fingerprint card.